CINQUE srl was founded in 2014 by the idea of ​​five Italian entrepreneurs with complementary experience gained over the years in the jewelry world, who decide to pool their knowledge and ideas to realize an innovative project.

Roberto Dini, CEO of the company, has a background from multi-year master goldsmith modeller with unique technical and business expertise of its kind, gained in previous companies in Italy and in the world with Francesco De Marco, IGI gemologist and heir of knowledge and intelligence in creation of high jewelry passed down by the family since 1880, who manages the foreign market which has a deep knowledge.

To round out the company Michele Saracino, who previously held an important company for the production of jewelery in Valenza, who, with his incredible commercial intuition has expanded its propensity to interpret market and customer demands.


The owners play an important role in customer management, personally taking care of proposing new models, investing in a personal relationship as well as professional and loyalty. The company also consists of a staff of the highest level in both the shop floor and in the management and selection of stones departments and internal control quality and all involved in the direct management of the production.